Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Castle Walk

Once again Xativa has treated me well. Perfect weather, the best people, and delightful food. Lately I've been doing a lot of eating, drinking (loads of tinto de Verano and cafe), and napping. I'm on vacation so this is acceptable, right?! It's funny back home I never take naps. But here in Spain it's a must. If I miss a siesta I don't seem to function quite right. Oh the Spanish life! So very different then my own. I must say I have also been doing quite a lot of walking and hiking. Today I made the trek up to the city's castle. It's a really beauty. It blows me a way to see such an old fortress still standing. It really was built to last. As always I snapped photos.
I just realized I didn't get any good photos of the castle itself. I was mostly shooting from the top down. Hopefully I can snap some tomorrow before I leave for Barcelona! I hope to be back with BCN photos Thursday!

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