Sunday, September 27, 2015


My day consisted of 3 museum visits, 1 canal tour, and over 12 miles of walking. It was a good day. Copenhagen is a pretty easy city to navigate so I haven't had problems getting to where I want to go. I took loads of photos to share. First I went to Arbejdermuseet. A museum all about the labor force in Copenhagen through out the 20th century. It was very interesting to see historical homes that didn't belong to the royals are the wealthy. I enjoyed it very much.
Snapped a few photos during my long walk to the next museum.
Next I went to Designmuseum Danmark. The museum grounds were stunning. The courtyard was my favorite.
They had an exhibit on clothing and textiles so I was pretty excited.
After that I headed to the Canal Tour. It was so windy and cold I could hardly stand it. This California girl does not have the right cold weather gear... but it was a great way to see the city by water.
Then I headed to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It may be my favorite museum yet. The building and location were absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone planning on visiting Copenhagen.
Well this is a bit embarrassing. I rarely ever take selfies because it just feels so awkward but I couldn't help but snap these at a couple of the museums I went to.
I better get some rest as I have much planned for tomorrow. There is so much to see and do here. I sure hope I can squeeze it all in.

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