Sunday, January 21, 2018


I find it hard to believe that Christmas Day was nearly a month ago. I had every intention of documenting the projects I had been working on but unfortunately, as always, time quickly slipped by.
The past few years I have made a great effort to not fall into the typical American commercial Christmas. I wanted to make gifts that are meaningful and well thought out. Not everything I gifted was handmade by me but I'm proud to say quite a few were.

This kind of gift giving is so much more personal and satisfying to me. First you decide what to make. Which often enough is the real challenge. Then you take the time to go out and gather supplies. Choosing the perfect yarn or fabrics is one of my favorite parts. Lastly is the construction of the item. This is where the perseverance and patience comes in. It's when you sit and think of the one you are creating for. What are they doing now? Will they like it?... I make for those I love so it's always nice to sit and think of them. Perhaps it's the best part of all.

This year I made my grams a beautiful lace shawl knit with gorgeous wool from Scotland. I couldn't help but think about how much she would love it. She's my biggest fan. I've always felt so encouraged by her kind comments on all my creations. She flatters me endlessly. What a joy it was to make her something I knew she would truly appreciate.

I hope you all will consider making a few gifts for loved ones. It just might bless you as much as it does them.
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