Friday, July 29, 2016


Hi friends! It's been awhile. Hard to believe we are at the edge of July. It's been a busy month and I have much to share but for now I'll leave you with photos of the most recent happenings. I've been working in Detroit this week. It's my first time here so I've been enjoying exploring. During the day I've been taking in the kid friendly sites (libraries, parks, and zoos) with the littles but in the evening I've been able to treat myself to a few great meals. I haven't taken too many photos but I hope to on my day off this weekend. For now I leave you with some photos of the pretty flowers around the city and the adorable ice cream and pie shops I came across. And of course a couple of knitting photos as usual. I'm slowly, and I mean very slowly, making progress on a hat I'm knitting. It's very tedious and time consuming but it's for someone I love very much. So it's worth it,right?! I really really hope they like it. I'm like 8 hours in and I'm not halfway.
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